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"What a fab gig by these lads! A set based around the Live & Dangerous album. You got all 4 sides of the live album in the original listing order...with bonus songs of Cold sweat, Bad Reputation, Black Rose, and Whiskey in the Jar. Band played fabulously well, great sound mix, and a lush vibe all round from the band, ..and the audience too.  So glad that I made the effort and went along, as this was easily one of my favourite gigs of the year. The band made a real effort, and it was genuinely appreciated. Best line-up of the band, best chemistry, and lovely to see that the band have grown so much now. Cracking show!." - Trimmers Arms gig review on BGG Music Forum

"...the best band we've had here all year..." - Acklam Steel Club, Middlesbrough

"THYN LIZZY are simply one of the best tribute acts around ... A five piece band that play at the very top and can hold their own against anyone. If you are going to form a tribute band to one of the classic rock band, Thin Lizzy, you have to do it well, and THYN LIZZY do not fail in that department. Led from the front by the strong vocals of Lee and driven along by the excellent drumming of Paul and bass playing of Duncan there is a strong foundation for any band, but add in the virtuoso guitar playing of both Rich and Anth and you have a band that's rapidly become a MUST SEE. All the classic tracks of Thin Lizzy are in there with 'Jailbreak', 'Boys are Back in Town', 'Dancing in the Moonlight' and more, you feel that you've been to see a Thin Lizzy gig. From the very start you are drawn in and flung back to the classic period of rock and when you leave you know you've had a cracking night of entertainment. We absolutely recommend that if THYN LIZZY are playing near you that you go and see them... we're sure you'll enjoy yourselves" - GigIt North East

"I think I've grown bit weary over the years of bands half - heartedly covering Lizzy songs but THYN LIZZY restore my faith, these lads really make a great job. Excellent band! Cracking gig at Bubbles last Saturday, everybody in the place loved them." - Ashington Bubbles gig review on BGG Music Forum

"THYN LIZZY really delivered the goods last night! . . . FANTASTIC tunes, EXCEPTIONALLY well played, GREAT atmosphere! CHEERS Lads! . . . THE BEBBY ROCKED!" - The Bebside Inn, Blyth

"The best Thin Lizzy/Phil Lynott tribute you'll ever hear. All the classic tracks played to the very highest standards, it's like having Thin Lizzy there in front of you... these lads are superb musicians and truly do Thin Lizzy and Phil Lynott justice. An absolute MUST SEE gig if you are in the area." - GigIt North East

"The band sounded better than ever...the sound was perfect...customers said if you closed your eyes you were listening to the real thing...very much looking forward to their return in 2014" - The Quakerhouse, Darlington

"Usually I'm sat here on a Saturday morning trying to remember what the band played the night before, no such problems today, THYN LIZZY ran through Thin Lizzy's back catalogue from all eras - Whiskey in the Jar to Dedication and all points in between. With Ben from Black Rose depping for the night, the band were tight and sounded right on the money - definitely the best I've ever seen them. A faultless show, with one song running into the next most of the night - other bands could learn from this and get a lot more music in during their time on stage. Keep an eye out for them in the club again early next year." - Buffalos Rock Club, Houghton-le-Spring

"There was a great atmosphere and that seemed to have an effect on everyone especially THYN LIZZY. Blinking flipping hell they were on fire! Never heard them sound so good. Great in your face PA mix and one of the best performances I've seen of them. Duncan and Paul solid as a rock, Nick and Rich playing the harmonies like they were Siamese twins and pulling off amazing solos and controlled feedback. Then there's Lee who sang great, loads of guts in his voice and sounding uncannily like you know who. Overall a top night at a top place with one of the best bands on the circuit!"
- Steph's Rock Club gig review on BGG Music Forum

"The Best Tribute in the North" - The Quakerhouse, Darlington

"THYN LIZZY returned to The Comrades on 11th January with their Celtic Rock show. Sporting a new guitarist and a new double bass drum kit, the lads kicked out nearly 2 hours of tribute to Thin Lizzy in flawless style. In response to a punter shouting for 'Southbound' they picked it up and played it, even though it wasn't usually in the set and they hadn't played it for months.
I heard nothing but solid praise for the band both during and after the set, you certainly couldn't complain about the music; Jailbreak, Emerald, Southbound, Parisienne Walkways, The Rocker & Don't believe a word. Songs every genuine rock fan knows by heart - and played with passion & style. Another great evening of rock."
- Buffalos Rock Club, Houghton-le-Spring

"I proper enjoyed last Sat, you were bloody awesome" - The Mallard, Seaham

"THYN LIZZY played last night @ George Stephenson West Moor. They were cracking and on top form. The PA sound they had was lush! As you would expect they played all the classic Lizzy tunes. Great band and a great night." - Glenn Howes of Requiem

"Playing their debut at The Rock o' the North, THYN LIZZY rocked the roof off the place on 27th July. Stuck with a notoriously difficult date right at the start of the school holidays, they still brought a good crowd into the club for their evening of celtic rock, we wuz impressed with the slick set that ran seamlessly from one number to another and the overall energy the band put into their performance. It was a warm evening and lights threw their own heat into the mix making for a hot, sweaty night for punters & band. A lot of the crowd made a point of telling me how much they enjoyed the night and how much they wanted to see them back; arrangements will be made, but such is their popularity it's likely to be 2013. A great night all round, the band told me they enjoyed the evening - and it looked as if they were having a good time - and the herd went home happy. Winners all round." - Buffalos Rock Club, Houghton-le-Spring

"We at the Black Bull enjoyed it from start to finish... very professional performance, singer was special, anybody gets the chance to see a THYN LIZZY gig you will be entertained... look forward to having them back." - The Black Bull, Wardley

"A big thankyou to THYN LIZZY for a cracking gig at The Mitre last night!!! As you can see from the photos the place was buzzing!! Looking forward to your return next year." - The Mitre, Stockton

"THYN LIZZY ignited a packed crowd at Darlington Arts Centre tonight who at the end of the night felt proud to be Irish - even if they weren't! ...I reckon the lead singer Lee has finallly put together the right formula. Totally solid rhythm section from Duncan on bass and Paul on drums enjoying every pulse of the music, with the requisite finely honed twin lead guitar sounds of Al and Rich topped off with gentle and sensuous vocals of Lee. The night was a delight for guitar students in particular... If you haven't seen them yet you know what to do - If you have then I'm sure you recognise every word I have said... Thanks Lads for a great night!" - Darlington Arts Centre gig review on BGG Music Forum

"In my opinion the tightest Lizzy tribute on the scene now."
"THYN LIZZY had the marquee bouncing, because let's face it everybody knows a few Thin Lizzy songs and THYN LIZZY do it really well!"
- Justin Time Music Festival 2011

"Well what can I say? Outstanding! The band have come a long, long way since their debut gig a couple of years ago...
With a set list to make any Lizzy fan moist, I would say that THYN LIZZY have most definitely put themselves up there with the best tributes we have in the northeast. A great front man in Lee backed up with a really tight rhythm section and topped off with 2 great lead guitars in Rich and Al. Both guitarists have a lot of flair about their playing and between them nailed every solo, making it look so easy. The sound was great, really beefy but not too intense for a small room. I thought the drum kit sounded awesome! ...I think with the current lineup and the strong continuity between them they should do really well. If you haven't seen them recently then I suggest you go out and catch them as they will not disappoint you."
- Sunderland Beerhouse gig review on BGG Music Forum

"this is probably the closest thing you'll get to the sound of the real thing" - Trocaderos, South Shields

"Finally caught a set from these guys on Saturday night at The George Stephenson, Westmoor.
I thoroughly enjoyed the band, good sound and quite tight. The vocals for me were outstanding, really captured Phil Lynotts tone.
Good musicianship throughout in my humble opinion, some of the guitar work was really great to watch, good solid drumming too.
I only got to see the first set, but the songs were excellent and stayed true to the original tracks with some great little medleys constructed throughout the set.
Definitely a band to catch if they are near you. great bunch of lads too."
- George Stephenson gig review on BGG Music Forum

"Having seen THYN LIZZY half a dozen times this was the first with the brand new line up and I have to say the best I've seen them so far. They captured the authentic sound of Lizzy, great musicianship all round, guitar players Al and Rich had the right tone (not too overdriven) to create the late 70's era of Robertson and Gorham. Supported by a tight rhythm section, the bass player's first show with the lads apparently although I'd have never noticed, and Craig on drums was superb capturing the Downey feel with ease. Topped off with Lee on vocals who did a great job fronting this more polished THYN LIZZY. Great gig lads."The Office, South Shields.

"The Lynott voice is there...solid rhythm section and great guitar harmonies...the two guitarists were almost telepathic in the way they not only shared lead and rhythm duties but on the twin lead parts...these guys put out an excellent, and passionate, performance...the band is deservedly outstanding" - Fat Ox gig review on BGG Music Forum

"Although THYN LIZZY are a relatively new band ...they were all seasoned musicians... two guitars "right in yer face" perfectly in synch and had a great sound which made the hairs stand up on my arms especially during 'Emerald'...Not forgetting the bass, apparently a dep, although you would never have guessed as he fitted like a nice comfortable slipper and had a charisma all of his own! The drummer certainly knew his game and had perfect timing. What can I say about the lead vocals...perfect for fronting this band, and I loved the slight gravelly intonations...from the outset this band projected enthusiasm for what they were doing, and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves which in turn passed on to the audience who had the place lifting and wouldn't let the band off the stage!" - The Golden Fleece, Sunderland

"THYN LIZZY always put on a great show - you'll have to go a long way to find a finer set of musicians and a nicer bunch of lads." - Gig review on BGG Music Forum

"THYN LIZZY were great...excellent gig...great band" - The Turbinia, Newton Aycliffe

"...THYN LIZZY fired off an amazing salvo in tribute to – you guessed it - “Thin Lizzy”. A jam packed 45 minute set including the classics 'Jailbreak', 'Rosalie', 'Don't Believe a Word', 'The Boys are Back in Town', 'Suicide', 'Cowboy', and 'Emerald' – simply brilliant!!" - Gig review on BGG Music Forum

"...a debut from THYN LIZZY who rounded the night off in sensational style belting out all the Lizzy favourites as if they'd played them for years" - The Barking Dog, Wallsend

"I hit the Tuuuuurb on satda...and ended up staying to check out THYN LIZZY. Maaaaan am I glad I did!! I am WELL pleased I caught this one, what a fantastic band!! The sound was spot on, absolutely perfect for the room...Lee has a great voice, I've never heard him sing before and I was well impressed...It didn't matter where I stood in the room the sound was solid. Considering I hadn't intended to stay out on satda, I am pleased I did!" - Turbinia gig review on BGG Music Forum

"It was a really good night. Band were great, crowd were great...Nice to see a new angle on the Lizzy classics. Went down really well with the audience and there was a very good turnout" - The Three Tuns, Gateshead

"Great gig last night from Lee and the boys at the Quaker packed with people who know their music only too well. And yes indeed, THYN LIZZY impressed ~ big style!! Lee has put together a very strong rhythm section, with the twin barrel blistering guitar duo really bringing this great music to life...the guys nailed the sound and feel spot on...Highlights were many but 'Still in Love with You', 'Black Rose' and 'Bad Reputation' did it for me. Yes I think they have now got the formula just right and they are probably going to be very busy. Nice bunch of lads too - easy going, no egos, great fun to be around. Nice one Lads!!! Hope to see you again soon" - Quakerhouse gig review on BGG Music Forum

" ...A good authentic 70's sounding reproduction of the classic Live & Dangerous era of the famous band...Great sound mix...Good peformances all round...a cracking gig...the monster sound mix was the icing on the cake, and the drumming on 'Bad Reputation', LUSH!" - The Office, South Shields

"Just come back from THYN LIZZY gig...All I can say is, Is Phil Lynott dead? I don't think so...the dual guitars were incredible and the drummer was outstanding and I was totally humbled by Glenn on bass...there is some serious hot Thin Lizzy competition out there! 'Don't Believe a Word' was cool as owt with a blues intro and then the usual version to finish it off such a contrast and skillfully done. 'Boys' was great and 'Dancing in the Moonlight' with Kenny Sax guesting was sublime, as was 'Emerald'...Awesome guys, made my weekend!" - Sanddancer gig review on BGG Music Forum

"In a word....Superb!!!! A nicer bunch of lads you will not meet and you will have to go a very long way to find anyone capturing the heart and soul of Thin Lizzy like these boys do. Thanks for a great night...definitely one to remember!!!" - Simon Cassidy of Sundance